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Carretera Austral / Patagonia

The Carretera Austral is a 1,200 km road that runs to the end of mainland Chile. Starting in Puerto Montt, My day started fairly well. After leaving Puerto >, I Started my adventure down the Carretera Austral. The first section is not much to mention. You get you first ferry there.

30 minutes later, I was on the next bit. Just as the ferry was coming to harbor, the rain started to come down. Construction met me on the other side. Mud, deep ruts from the trucks for the next 20 kms. For me this was actually kind of fun, having good knobby tires and a practical motorcycle, I danced around on the muddy road, having fun, kicking out the back tire and tracking ruts from the trucks. My fun came to an end when I the road ahead was closed due to a mudslide. The rain was coming down harder now, and there was nowhere to go. So, I waited it out, making friends with the local construction guy.

After the three hour delay, I reached the next town, where I would take the next ferry. Finding a small…

Northern Chile / Argentina

After an amazing ride through Bolivia I arrived in San Pedro Atacama, Chile. The first town across the border from Bolivia.

I met up with some other riders that I have crossed paths with along the way, and we celebrated our riding by drinking beer and enjoying the town. San Pedro Atacama is a big tourist spot. You can’t throw a rock without hitting a tour company taking people to Bolivia and the other attractions around the area.

We went on a star gazing tour

And enjoyed the town

And had some more beer

My friend Kristyn was having trouble with her bike so we went to Antofagasta to find a mechanic

And enjoyed the sunset

After Kristyn got her bike fixed we headed back to San Pedro for one more night before heading in to Argentina to ride the famous Ruta 40.

The road leading to Argentina was awesome and took you over a beautiful mountain pass

I rode with Kristyn for a couple of days. When we arrived in Argentina the road turned to dirt. She had a bad fall, and so for the rest of the day we went…