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Bolivia Into Bolivia, the welcome matt So here I am in Bolivia. I have been anticipating this country since the time I started dreaming of traveling the world on my motorcycle. I’ve also been apprehensive, because I know that at times it will be difficult. I had heard that gas can be difficult to buy and that the roads in the south can be impossible. I had met up with Jacob in Peru and we planned to ride together in Bolivia. We set out for the border. The border crossing was like most, simple and straightforward. Get stamped out of Peru, turn in your TIP (Temporary Import for the motorcycle) and then get stamped into and receive a new TIP from Bolivia. Bolivia only grants 30 day visas for citizens of the USA, but you can get it extended easily in La Paz or other places where they have a immigration office. You can also extend the TIP once you have extended your visa. Off we go from the frontier to our first town, Copacabana. It’s a quaint town on lake Titicaca. Things are c