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Colombi Part 2

So here we go, part 2. On my way out of Guatape, I just happened to look down at my display. Slamming on the brakes I saw my WR250R has achieved 50,000 miles! Wooohooo. By the way, my moto is called “Bunny” (Conejito in Spanish). It is for sentimental reasons. But she lives up to here name. ​​ ​Leaving Guatape I am going to Bogota. The capital city of Colombia. A friend of mine found me an Airbnb there for cheap. While in Bogota, I plan on having service to my bike done. I initially went to the Yamaha dealership here, but when I arrived there was a cue of people waiting to have their bike serviced. Most of them were actually police officers. The majority of the motorcycle police ride Yamaha XT660’s or Suzuki V-Strom’s (Which are actually made here in Colombia) I decided that the Yamaha shop was not going to be the best option, so I searched the web for a recommended mechanic in Bogota. There I found a great mechanic which I found through the Horizons Unlimited webpage. My