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I Adore Ecuador

Entering into Ecuador I saw lots more people from Venezuela at the frontier. It's hard to imagine how bad life must be to risk everything for a chance to start new in another country. Many of the people carrying all of their personal belongings. For me, entering Ecuador was fairly simple. Go to Aduana (Immigration) get stamped in, then go to Customs for a temporary import of the motorcycle. The import took the longest because the worker had to inspect the vehicle and then wait for the computer to enter the information. All in all the process leaving Colombia and entering in to Ecuador took about 2.5 hours. Adios! Bienvenido! I crossed the frontier with my friend Steve and his girlfriend. We tend to meet up around the same time and so it makes crossing a little less overwhelming. Our first stop was Quito. There I would meet up with my other friend Rob who was renting an airbnb just outside the city. He was kind enough to let me sleep on the couch while he was rentin