Lima Peru

So I decided to stay a few days in Lima. After spending time in small towns with limited menu options and habitation, I thought the big city would be a nice change. In the city you have options. Options of places to stay, options on places to eat, and options on things to do.

Lima is a megatropolis. At close to 9 million people, it’s pretty big. The main areas for tourism are Miraflores, Central, and Barranco.

Miraflores is the more commercial area of the city for tourism. There are lots’ of chain restaurants and expensive hotels. This is where most Americans and Europeans come when they visit Lima. One of the main attractions here is Kennedy Park. The park is famous for one thing, cats. The park is a homestead for cats. Most of them are very friendly and people come to pet and feed them. I like cats, so of course I am going to go to the cat park.

Other things in Miraflores to see is the cliffs.

At the cliffs you have the Love park, and paragliding. The paragliding is pretty cool, they takeoff and land in a very small area with a lot of precision.

Love Park

Barranco is more of a bohemian area. Here you will find small shops selling artisanal clothing and crafts, jewelry and smaller independent restaurants. I like Barranco the most. There is a famous bridge named “Sigh Bridge” It is legended that if you hold your breath and cross it with the one you love, you will be together forever.

Another cool thing about Barranco is all the graffiti art.

There are even tours you can take to learn about the artists and their work..

So I came to Lima for culture and food. In Lima, there are actually some of the top restaurants in the world. None which I ate at. I did manage to meet up with my friend Steve, and enjoy some meals together. My experience in Lima wasn’t as good as I hoped. We went to pretty nice place and ordered a “Peruvian” meal which turned out to be a poop string of mashed potatoes and chicken salad.

28 Soles - $9 chicken salad appetizer

In Central Lima you will find the Presidential Palace and many historical buildings.

Here I took a tour of a famous cathedral with catacombs in the basement.

Photography was not allowed.

Dead dudes on sticks

The round table last supper with Peruviano items on the table.

The Misfits would be happy

Not the Stairway to heaven

The library

Another Plaza de Armas, another Church

So that pretty much wraps up Lima. It’s a big city, not my favorite, but it’s nice. One thing to note about Limais that 80% of all trash ends up on streets. Aside from the tourist areas, it’s really sad that there is so much trash. Of course this is due to lack of education and it is part culture.


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