The Bike

Yamaha WR250R (Adventure)

40,000 miles - New piston, Cam Chain and Tensioner (Piston wasn't necessary, but I had one on hand)
50,000 - Valves adjusted

For this trip I chose the WR250R. I chose this over other bikes for several reason.
  • Weight - Stock weight, this bike weighs in at 295 lbs compared to so called "adventure bikes" that start at 430 lbs. All said and done with a larger tank, add-on's, and luggage, this bike is still significantly lighter than "adventure bikes"
  • Load Capacity - This bike has 400lb payload, and since I am only carrying 1/2 that,the bike cruises just fine!
  • Maintenance - The WR250R's bullet proof engine and build makes this an easy choice. Oil changes are simple, parts are available most everywhere, and I can go 26,000 miles between valve checks?' I had my valves check at 30,000 miles, and they were right in the middle of the spectrum.
  • Weight to power - Although this bike is only 250cc, with it's fuel injection and gearing ratio, this bike will cruise at 65 mph loaded without breaking a sweat. It can reach speeds over 70mph which might be handy for interstates, but since I'm in no rush to be anywhere, and interstates are boring, this makes the WR a great choice. 
  • Tires and Spares - One big advantage is tire size. Tires are available EVERYWHERE. Good luck trying to find that 170/60 R 17 in the middle of Guatemala or Namibia.
  • Konflic Motorsports suspension - Very rare is the bike that is ready to ride with stock suspension. Alex at Konflic is the best IMO
  • IMS 4.7 (18 Liter) Fuel Tank - A full tank from top to bottom will get about 320 miles (500km)
  • Corbin seat - A aftermarket or custom seat is a must on this bike.
  • Skid Plate - A standard for all off-road riding
  • Cycra Pro Bend Handguards
  • Airbox /Air flapper - The bike from the factory is starved for air. Removing the air flapper and the air induction system opens up the bike for more HP
  • Power Commander - To help with economy and power I added a power commander. I had it tuned on the dyno and now I get 3 more horses. That might not sound like much, but it is a big difference when climbing up into the mountains.
  • Fuse Block for electronic accessories
  • Pro-Fill Fuel filter sock. The first line of defense in my fuel system. It won't stop bad gas, but it will stop debris from clogging up the stock filter inside the tank.
  • KTM Windscreen
  • 14/47 Sprockets. The achilles heel of the WR is the chain wearing through the swing arm if not properly adjusted. Going to a larger sprocket front and rear helps with this. Keeping sag and chain tension are critical. Keep an eye on the chain slider for wear. When I see wear marks, I add epoxy to the slider and make chain adjustments.
  • Handlebars, Risers, and a Steering Damper - Ergonomics go a long way when you are riding long days
  • Cyclops Adventure Sports LED headlight - See and be seen! Although I try to avoid riding at night, the LED headlight is the best IMO
  • Mosko Moto luggage - Hard bags or Soft, why not the best of both? Moko Moto bags are bomb proof and will surely outlast any other product in the market. I have t the 35 liter Backcountry Panniers, the 40 Liter Backcountry Duffel and the Nomad tank bag.


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