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July 26, 2016

In the beginning. That's how it starts, right? Everyone starts somewhere. My partner, Lyndsey, and I started in Seattle. After months of preparation, and getting things set, it was finally time to get on the road. Our Geneses started a month later than I wanted, but that's how these things go. You set a date, you make every effort to leave on that date, and then you realize that you made an unrealistic goal, so you set a new date. This is not to be mistaken with delaying yourself by a few days. That can happen to. You tell yourself, nope, I think I need another few days, but if you do that, you will find yourself buying more and more days. Set a date and go, whether you are ready or not.

 (Finally ready to go)


Our first stop, was Canada. Only a few hours drive, this would be the first of many countries to come. Taking the back-roads up and past Mt. Baker, we reached the Canadian border later in the day that I hoped for.

 (Time to get our bearings and look for camping)


Crossing the border into Canada was easy. A few simple questions, like "Where are you from and where are you going". And of course "Do you have any weapons". One thing to note is that Canada is picky about bringing bear spray into their country. It's not that you can't bring it in, but that you can only bring in a certain kind with the proper ingredients. So, rather than bringing the bear spray that I had, we opted to buy once we got into country. Better safe than being hassled at the border.


Our first night we camped at a BC Hydro park. BC Hydro has to maintain recreational areas wherever they build a dam or other facility. It's part of the deal. The nice thing about it, is that you get a nice free campground next to a reservoir or something like that.

 (Crappy first campsite)


So we did it. Finally, after a month's delay, set out for an adventure of a lifetime. Canada, here we come!

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